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Hi I'm Christine Cope - I'm an ambassador of hope and inspiration

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My name is Christine Cope (Chrissie) I have had a number of senior positions, but prefer the freedom of home based entrepreneur. I am a transformation coach and mentor who empowers ladies (and some gents) to be CONSCIOUS CREATORS of their own life, to AWAKEN to their SOUL's AUTHENTIC POWER and to DISCOVER just where their journey is taking them.with me, for FREE click HERE I'd love to have you aboard.

I share what works (and what doesn’t) so you know exactly how to build your business better.

I want to see you succeed, astound yourself and reach the potential you were created to reach.

I will be your biggest cheerleader.  Chrissie, Business Success, Aboutchrissie

I will help you to get yourself noticed, online without your having to be pushy at all. is the home of some of the best entrepreneur advice. This information has been collated into  one easy and convenient location for you.

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I am a spirited soul, unguarded, smart, gorgeous, spreading joy, laughter, hope, inspiration and happiness everywhere I go. I have a calling to make a difference in the world and sprinkle magic dust of joy on everyone I come into contact with. I believe that we are all undergoing a huge transition and that everything is possible when you combine clarity with self-belief, strategy, and action and I provide both life and business programs. IMG 0166 300x250 About Me Seeking like-minded, self-motivated, BIG thinkers who are ready to invest in themselves, their family, their future and become entrepreneurs. I'm motivated, driven and have a burning desire to inspire others to generate and maintain multiple income streams. I have eons of experience running and owning successful, profitable businesses, where I earned in excess of $1m a year. Come along and join me in my journey or sit back and watch; it's entirely up to you. Only you will know if this is the right time, for you.

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Helping exceptional people to create outrageous success in their lives.

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